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Sabtu, 22 Oktober 2011

Gaining Confident To Speak English

Dear friend,

Below is a very helpful tip to help you gain confidence to speak English more.

Hot English Tip #7
Gaining Confidence To Speak English

If you are like most people, you often feel down, lack confidence, feel frustrated or feel that you are not progressing very much with your English.

It's actually quite easy to overcome these problems. All you need to do is build your confidence.

How do you do this quickly and easily?

There are a few things you should not do:

Try not to:
* Compare yourself to other people's level of English.
* Tell yourself or say to other people,

"My English is poor",
"My English is broken" or anything like this.

Learning English is not a competition with other people, it's like a game of golf.

The goal with learning English is to keep improving your level. It does not matter what your level is, it's all about constantly improving.

The purpose of practicing golf is to keep improving your game (lowering your score).

Asian people usually compare themselves with others. Their focus is on the other people, thinking things like, "What will they say?", or "What will they think if I make a mistake".

This kills your confidence.

The focus should be on yourself, "How can I improve?", or "I am improving, therefore my English is going well".

You will always feel confident if your focus is here.

Another reason why people do not have much confidence is because they worry about making mistakes, thinking others will laugh or say negative things about their mistakes.

This however, does not happen.

Let's prove this...

Have you ever made a mistake in your native language?

Of course you have right?

Now, when you make mistakes in your native language (the language which you are the "expert" in) do people laugh at you?
Do people say bad things about you for making a mistake?

No way, right?

Well, why or how can people laugh or say bad things about you when you make mistakes in English (your second language which you are learning)?
They cannot. So, do not think or worry that people will do this, it will never happen.

In fact other people will be scared to laugh or comment about your English mistakes because either:

Your English is better than theirs, so they cannot comment (they will feel embarrassed if they do)


They are also learning English and understand that learning English is difficult. They understand making mistakes are a part of learning, so they will not comment,
In fact they may help you.

Best of luck, study with confidence from now on.

Rohan Cox
English Essentials
Rapid Learning, Instant Results

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